A short story about the NAVY SEAL…

”This branding process is true for the NAVY SEALs (which stands for Sea, Air and Land), one of the most elite and prestigious fighting units in the world. The 2,500 SEALs are considered some of the world’s finest fighters. SEALs go through an extremely arduous two-year training program before becoming a SEAL. The process weeds out 75 to 90 % of those accepted into the program. In one of their tests of will, a challenge known as ‘’drown proofing’’, trainees are bound hand and foot, thrown into deep water, and told to get to the surface somehow while holding their breath. Then they swim 50 metres while tied up.

The worst challenge is ‘Hell Week’, a period where trainees are kept awake for 20 hours a day, performing relentless, physically punishing drills, while constantly being invited to quit. At the end of Hell Week, if they have not quit, trainees are hosed with freezing cold water to induce hypothermia. Then they swim two miles through the ocean.

When the trainees emerge from the swim, they are handed a mug of steaming hot chocolate by an instructor, but told they can only drink it if they admit failure and drop out of the program. Many SEALs admit that handing back that steaming cup of chocolate is the hardest thing they have ever done.”

An excerpt from MIDAS TOUCH by Donald J. Trump and Robert T. Kiyosaki

It is no mistake that they are responsible for the completion of the most dangerous missions such as death of Osama bin Laden, Operation Red Wings, Battle of Mogadishu, amongst others. Their branding process is built on extra ordinary strength and die-hard attitude.

We trust the SEAL Team to always deliver; their branding process ensures they only have people who will deliver the brand promise.


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