3 Idiots: 5 things I learned

I had a lecturer who once said that whenever he gets home, he goes straight to the sitting room to feel the television’s temperature, that way he could tell if his wife had been watching TV (watching movies) all day. He would then ask her; “What is the economic benefit?” I doubt she ever had a good answer for him. Today, I am going to share the benefits (not economic unfortunately) of a movie.

It is no secret that I am a strong believer in education, comprehensive education to be exact! It is one of two reasons for this blog’s existence. This week I decided to share some educational lessons from a 2009 classic movie that almost everyone has seen…3 Idiots-one of my favorite movies of all time. I hope some school principal, education minister, student, and parent somewhere read this and be inspired!

PS: If you have not seen the movie and need a reason to, here is one: The movie 3 Idiots won 56 awards and got 42 other nominations! (there has to be something special about the movie right?!)

Pressure Kills

42 exams per semester (tests inclusive) among numerous daily assignments, pressuremight be relative but this is surely pressure! The movie tells us of a young brilliant engineering student Joy Lobo, who gave up after struggling endlessly to complete his innovative project. It was not failure that killed him; it was dejection from the head of college, that phone call to his father to saying, “your son will not graduate”, the blatant lack of support and deadline he had to meet. In summary, he thought it was easier to quit…he hung himself.

Raji Rastogi could not keep up with the pressure of dragging his family out of poverty, his sister’s dowry, multiple exams, or telling his parents he had been expelled. He decided it was easier to quit when he jumped off that window. You cannot measure or spot pressure quickly like malaria. We should always seek advice and help if we ever feel overwhelmed.


Education is Exciting (In Practical)

I spoke about the need to put to practice what we learn in school (read my article I Have A Dream) The creation of the vacuum cup with a vacuum cleaner, the virus inverter and the helicopter project by Joy Lobo completed by Rancho. Those were brilliant applications of all the numerous learning hours. Even when you are learning to use the computer keyboard and you use the Mavis Beacon application, there are practical games in between lessons. These makes for exciting learning.

Dear teachers, we have had enough of the theories and definitions, let us put some of this talk to work. Less Talk, More Action.


Focus vs Passion

The story of Rancho and Chatur (Silencer) strikes me! Silencer was determined to prove to Rancho that his methods of studying were right and that he would come out on top! That guy studied hard, kept coming 2nd best but never gave up, he had what I call “laser focus”. To be fair, he did end up successful…just not as successful as the passionate guy. The reason according to Rancho was very simple;

“If you chase excellence, success would come running after you, pants down”.


Ignore Reality, Chase Dreams

Farhan, the photographer wasting his time studying engineering and steady finishing bottom of the class, no knowledge is wasted but it was wasted years! Four years in wildlife photography would have done him a whole of good. At least he finally ditched reality and chased his dreams. How many of us have gone through the wrong career path? Overwhelmed by the thought of starting again, watching other people do things we know we can do better, we have settled for less and let doubt and fear of the unknown creep in. I do not know if I started living by this sub-heading after I saw the movie but it currently defines me. What is the worst that can happen?

Let the excitement of achieving the unthinkable drive you! Chase Dreams.


Winning Mind Battles (Aal izz well)

I have heard many speakers and preachers say that the most important battle to win is the battle of the mind. It took me a while to understand what they meant, but in this movie, our dear Rancho explained it clearly! In the midst of problems, the heart accelerates and we tend to over bloat a problem more than it is, dwelling day and night on the problem until it overwhelms us. Rancho advises us to “trick” our minds, calm it down, then we can face our problems head on.

For me, I have a pledge I read to myself every morning in front of the mirror. It sure keeps me going these days because I do have lots of fears.


If you have seen the movie, please share other lessons you learned!



3 thoughts on “3 Idiots: 5 things I learned

  1. The battle between chasing Dreams versus a Degree is the hardest in this part of the world. There’s a system that only encourages the (go to school, so you can get a day job, to be safe) – secure a salary. There’s little for the aspiring Boxers, table tennis player, Basket Baller, Writers etc. In most cases you have to conform your dreams only to what might work in your society. (May be music or foot ball dreams) but it is quite a Chase. “Dreams come true to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Elenor Roosevelt.

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