Education: Doctor’s Prescription for National Underdevelopment

Education is the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. It could also be:

  • A degree, level or a kind of schooling.
  • The result produced by instruction, training or studying.
  • The science or the art of teaching, etc.

For the benefit of this article, we would stick with the first definition that is more comprehensive. The aim of this article is to prescribe medication to a long existing ailment in Nigeria.


Illiteracy is the inability to use written language actively and passively; one definition of illiteracy is the inability to “read, write, spell, listen, and speak”.

A study by UNESCO in 2015 shows that more than 65 million Nigerians are illiterates (excluding age 15 and below). That is nearly half the nation’s population! Judging by our definition of education, it is safe to say one can be a literate but uneducated. Factor this into the statistics and you would increase the number of uneducated people by another 15-30%.

This infers there is lack of intellectual preparation, proper reasoning and judgment among the bulk of Nigerians. Explains why a university graduate would suggest simply printing more money as a solution to recession. 

Negligence of youths to important issues is one that bothers me a lot considering we are quick to say, “we are the leaders of tomorrow”.

How many Nigerian youths actually know what the current president spent his last 10 years doing? (Asides contesting elections) What businesses does he own? Truth be told, if we were half as interested as we were about the American elections we would not need them to declare assets before we know their worth. Currently, an average Nigerian can tell me more about Donald Trump than they can about Muhammadu Buhari (Nigerian media, you are taking the blame for this one)

How are we going to lead? The bulk of us do not ask the right questions, we are swift to make comical references to every serious situation for the sake of likes and comments. Frankly we are not serious-minded.

“Educated people think, they ask questions. For without education, the mind is obsolete”


  • Vote Credible Candidates: Popularity voting in my opinion is the second major cause of our underdevelopment. Politicians now use nicknames to win elections. “David Oyemi A.K.A Davido for Council Chairman”. Are you in the entertainment industry?  “Every election was a hit, back to back”. What nonsense! Is that not enough evidence that the person is a clown? Because these slogans are popular, they attract majority of the people to their side and we overlook people with proven records of accomplishment. If we must grow, this trend must STOP.

Know your candidates, know their achievements over the last 10-20 years and let it guide you in selecting who makes national decisions for the next four years. Do not lie to yourself, everything decision made affects you directly, immediately or eventually.

If you would not make a school certificate holder the managing director of your company, why would you make him managing director (President)of your country? Country that determines how well your company will grow or wither?

  • Stomach Infrastructure: I see people applaud certain governorship aspirants who use and endorse stomach infrastructure as part of campaign strategies. This system of buying votes is a mere show of intellectual lack on our path, bullying and oppression on the path of the aspirant. It is more surprising that this fraudulent tactic still works; it is almost like we do not learn.
  • Most importantly is encouraging proper education. In a world where tertiary education is gradually becoming free across European nations, why can we not have the basic education available to all here in Nigeria. Our large population counts for nothing if most are unskilled. Intellect trumps labour especially in a world where machines are gradually taking all the jobs of non-intellects.


Following the medication judiciously:

  1. We would have less unemployable graduates.
  2. We would have more thinking adults.
  3. We would learn to vote based on records of accomplishment, and hold leaders accountable.
  4. Compete favorably with the world intellectually, and finally be on our way to development.

The results would be evident in no time! Development is not rocket science.

The seismic effect of education can never be over emphasized. Ever wondered why countries like Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy are highly developed? Its simple: They understand the value and efficacy of education. Garbage in…Garbage out. Even the holy book clearly stated we reap what we sow. The time to sow is now! – Macben Oluwayose


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