The Entertainer: Topman Jefferson

I caught up with this young energetic Nigerian entertainer last week, we spoke on a variety of issues all of which I cannot share. However, I want to indulge you to read to the end and more importantly, download his new gospel song titled “No Rival“.

Read the short interview below:

Q: We have established you did not start out a gospel artiste, tell us about your transition.

A: Transition happened this year 2016, the whole time I had been singing, all I was doing was secular music because  secular seemed to be what was trending, popular and bringing the money. There did not seem to be money in the gospel circle. This year I found purpose, realizing I have been created by God to serve and praise him. So doing something that was not glorifying God felt like the wrong thing to do. Therefore I decided to follow God; through my music, lifestyle, irrespective of the money or fame. I needed something deeper, I needed to fulfil destiny hence the reason for my transition.

Q: How do you define your kind of music?

A: It is less about genre and more about relevance. So I would say I do commercial gospel music, by commercial gospel I mean the kind of gospel music not only relevant in the church, you can also relate to it in the world because I believe I am not only for the church. I have more work out there to reach out to those tagged as ‘lost sheep’. I think the great commission is about reconciling the world with God, so when we defeat that purpose we have lost it all. It is about bringing more people into God’s kingdom, giving these guys a meaning for life beyond the tune and dancing. That is what I am about.

Q: What do you aim to achieve through music?

A: My purpose for doing music is to give God glory, and not just me but also lift the people of God to give him glory. I want to give you a reason to turn up in the church. I am sure if I give you music as good as those ones out there, you would rather  want to turn up in a modest way. I have had the opportunity to go to the club, I danced to some terrible music and at the end of the day, there is this emptiness. I want to be fulfilled and I want someone else to be fulfilled and that is what I want to use my music to do to this world.

Q: Off the top of your head, who do you listen to in the music industry?

A: I listen to a lot of artistes, almost all but my music mentor is Kirk Franklin. Because of my style, I am also quite charismatic, I watch  D’banj a lot, Usher, but majorly Kirk Franklin, he is my number one.


Topman Bankole Jefferson popularly known as Toppybanks releases his new song titled “No Rival”. The song has a clear message about the supremacy of God and a commercial reggae sound for the general public to enjoy.

Feel the sound! Click HERE to download

Follow him on Twitter : @toppybanks


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