The Federal Government Hates Us!

“No country can really be developed unless its citizens are educated” – Nelson Mandela.

This article was written with pure pain and disgust,while there are a number of reasons for this mood, the 2017 budget tops the list!

I do not intend to analyze the whole budget due to lack of expertise on my part, but the education sector allocation struck a chord! In other words, I could not ignore it. I went into hours of research comparing statistics from developed and developing nations. My conclusion is…The Government Hates Us!

We would prioritize investment in human capital development especially in education and health – Presidency.

Yet somehow the capital expenditure on education is one of the lowest, I’m confused. For a nation where none of its universities is among the top 800 (I stand to be corrected) in the world, it is laughable that we still neglect that sector.

The United Nations recommended that we allocate 26% of the annual budget to the education sector; while I think that is a little on the high side (what do I know), our 6% allocation is beyond low!

For the first time ever I agree with ASUU on something The 2017 budget shows that the government hates education“.

The government is shortsighted in its planning by focusing all resources on ascending out of the deep waters of recession instead of taking steps to soar in the sky amongst the developed nations.

Through Singapore, Finland, China and Canada (just to mention a few), we have seen the direct relationship between education and national development. If we must truly be free, we must put in place progressive reforms now! Just as Finland did in 1979.

Oh! By the way Mark Zuckerberg just launched Jarvis, his virtual personal assistant (You should see it!). Tesla is the next big thing coming from a South African-born to the world, yet we do not have research and development allocation in our budget.

Giants of Africa…indeed

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