The Paradigm shift…

So graciously I had the opportunity to speak to a set of youths- more than a half a thousand youths -students of a school in South West Nigeria; it was indeed a privilege to meet with such vibrant and interesting audience; thanks to OptionC group where I co-partner; thanks to Obaro Dave!

So I thought to share a copy of what we discussed with you; the major aim is to raise a take over youth- Change sure starts with You and I- we can do this!





Objective: Reshaping Perspective and raising a take- over youth!

Background: This dispensation and generation has been overtaken by a growing youth who are clueless, confused, distracted or attempting to be focused; some are overtaken by peer pressure, joined the bandwagon or are caught up in the vicious cycle of doing or studying the ‘norms’

Many youths today are forcefully focused, most times because they don’t have a drive as to where they are headed, thus they settle for anything- less; like the saying goes; ‘stand for nothing; fall for everything’; a category of youths are easily waylaid to focus on parental choices career wise (parental influence), limited career/course option in Nigerian schools, teachers unsolicited advice, etc.

The above reasons, over 90% of the time, have led to youths studying amiss; hence leading to a high rate of unsatisfied youths, less focused youths and sometimes drop outs. Our educational sector is not left out to blame; as we indeed need to revamp the sector in other to compete globally as Nigerian Youths.

All of these and more need to be revisited to compete globally.

Who is a Take- over Youth?


A take-over youth is one who has a modified mind set, reshaped perspective about life wholly, driven by core values, has a vision and guidelines to achieve the vision in other to make positive impacts and to change the world at large.

…some of the elements mentioned above-

  • Refined Mind set: Man is a tripartite entity that consists of the Body, Soul and Spirit; while the soul is further dimension-ed into Mind, Will and Emotions.

The Mind … it takes one to consciously feed the mind by-listening to positive talks, engaging with positive friends- positive vibes, reading positive books and speaking positively, amongst others. The Mind only reacts based on what its fed with, therefore, a negative feed begets negative thoughts, hence, depression and disappointment- you never see any good in life.

What you need to do to avoid negativity is to see the good in every situation that happens to you (happenstance) and always remember that, ‘All things works together for your good’- every setback, is a set up for a comeback!; this process is called PERSPECTIVE RESHAPENING. Becoming what you want to be is only a function of the mind.

  • Attitude: Your attitude is basically how you react to happenings- it’s a reaction. This is how well you set your mind- It’s an everyday effort. It’s your reaction towards your circumstance makes us who we are- negative or positive. Focus on the positivity not the problems.
  • Core values: These are mantra of your life, this is what people should know you for and can vouch for you as well; they are guiding principles for your everyday life and relationships (with everyone). These values will define you if you keep up with them. They are worthy and important features created from within and are useful to others.
  • Vision: This is where you intend to be at the end of the journey, this is what you want to be remembered for, and this should be what drives you daily, what determines your decisions, relationships and what you allow in your life.

It should be clear and written so you can see it, run with it and also for others to see it and align with it; its beyond what you want to achieve; it’s what is within you that you want to bring forth for others to see.

Never assume a vision based on your present situation, see a bigger picture- a Revelation and always know that not everyone will align to your vision at first, they will discourage you, you will have to stand tall, you are the only one seeing; eventually once it’s clear, they will begin to support you.

  • Mission Statement: These are guidelines to achieve your vision. It entails your Dos and Don’ts periodically- daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, as the case may be. It should be written and clear.

Taking cognizance and practicing the above will sure change your life positively, prepare your for a better future and cause you to stand out as a Global Take-over Youth!

TRY THIS: Conceptualize and write down your vision, mission statement, what you enjoy doing- your passion.

Issues constituting the prevailing youthful perspective:

Just to mention few-

  • The Educational System: The system is fast improving, however, we still have a lot to do as regards- expanding horizons, enhancing abilities and talents, availability of more career choices in higher institutions, apportioning and appropriating the right subjects as it dims fit in high schools i.e. not bugging students with unnecessary subjects rather engage them more with relevant subjects as it pertains their field; helping to align your career by growing co-curricular activities thereby leaving you with options after school rather than stranded and lastly, enhancing internships (mandatory) and encouraging voluntary jobs to enhance on-the-job experience and broaden knowledge scope. Lastly, a pressing need to encourage more of practical to theory or leave both at par for efficiency and balance.
  • Research and Development: Its high time, the nation enhances our R&D efficiency for the good of all, however, we are not about blaming the government but finding a way to do things better on our own; therefore; maximize your guts, your mobile data- use what you have to get what you want- ITS IN YOUR HANDS!- do something for yourself, community and nation- ADD VALUE and remain RELEVANT.
  • Parental Influence/Advise: Sometimes we won’t blame them, they think and act as a result of their background, mind set and what they have always known (perspective about life)- all of these lead to the quality of advice they give us- some indirectly advise us to stick to the status quo, pursue the vicious cycle, run the rat race- i.e. maintaining same ideology of ‘go to school, serve and get a good job’ –which is not a bad idea, but there is more to that, these have left youths goalless only looking forward to conclude a class, observe the compulsory youth service and get a job thus leaving them less innovative and initiative.
  • Environmental Factors: Many youths today are easily influenced by their surroundings, a saying goes- ‘we are products of our environment’ –on the long run, our environment tends to rub off on us, but remember its not what happens to you that matters, it’s what you want to happen to you that happens to you, you didn’t cause yourself to be in that environment, but you attitude towards it matters, how you react to your environment is what matters. Don’t try to be a wanna -be, be yourself and change your environment, be an agent of change- a Catalyst- Change starts with you!

 All of these affect our mind set and perspective and thus, our Attitude to Life; therefore, be careful what you take in.

 Dos and Don’ts to compete globally and stand out!


  • Seek knowledge by reading books, attending seminars and engaging is worthy conversations.
  • Have your vision, mission and goals
  • Wake up every day with a positive mind set and a goal(s) worth achieving
  • Always wear a smile and make others smile
  • Be eager to teach others
  • Stay good


  • Never worry about anything
  • Never stop learning
  • Don’t flow with the status quo or bandwagon, be unique and original- be yourself!- Your true value will attract people to you.

NB: Parents and Teachers have significant roles to play in this process- (we shall be discussing that in subsequent presentations)

Going Forward:

  • Kindly visit and
  • Read books like- Why A students work for B students and C students for the government by Robert Kiyosaki and Rich dad, poor dad by same author. Also; Attitude is everything by Keith Harrell.
  • Follow us on social media platforms- @optioncgroup; @obaro.dave and @chuques on Instagram and … On Facebook and Twitter; send a mail to:; and


I will leave you with this message from Dr Benjamin to Martin Luther King (Jnr)- ‘ it is not calamity not achieving your dream, but it is calamity not having a dream to achieve; it is not a disgrace for you to aim at the star and not get it; but a disgrace not having a star’ .

Think about these things; follow your dreams; they are always right, resist fear, that’s the only obstacle to actualizing your dream. FEARFalse Expectation Appearing Real!

With Love;

‘Kachi Anitche… The Grace Made Man.

for: The OptionC Group!


4 thoughts on “The Paradigm shift…

  1. This is a beautiful thing you both are doing, I really can’t express how proud I am to be associated with you guys. Someone should have a sense of responsibility towards the upcoming generation and you guys have selflessly taken it upon yourselves.
    Well done guys!

    P.s – this is a style of famzing 😁

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