Caution To The Wind…Complete Freedom

Mr Afolabi asks the lively and upbeat class a tricky question, “What is the difference between economic growth and development?” Suddenly the class becomes a football stadium observing one minute long silence, no one wants to speak not because they don’t know the answer (ok, most do not actually know) but because they afraid to get it wrong. Mr Afolabi then points to you sitting somewhere at the back of the class, you stand up and make up something reasonable but off point instead of staying numb. The teacher looks you in the eye and says Your brain is flooded with ignorance. (Nawa o!…I only got the answer wrong you say to yourself.)

All through school, we are tuned to always be right or go home, we celebrate the students with the most correct answers and trample on those who fail. Fast forward 15 years later, we now live in the practical (real) world. You attend a seminar and they teach you that you should embrace failure…excuse me! what is going on here? Embrace what? Then they cite numerous examples; Thomas Edison failed 999 times before the invention of the light bulb, Abraham Lincoln failed at numerous elections before becoming President of the United States, even Buhari failed at a number of elections and he is President! But the last time you checked, you got mocked by colleagues, scolded or beaten by teachers and/or parents when you failed at elementary, secondary or tertiary school.

Now you are confused!

Which do you accept; the theory you grew up with that condemned failure? or the new one you just learnt that embraced failure? This is a battle of the mind, the fight between greatness & mediocre but you don’t know for certain which side represent greatness. You need to decide who will win the final between Real Madrid vs Barcelona and stake your bet. Do you throw caution to the wind and explore the new revelation?

You now at a crossroad where a decision must be made and the clock is ticking; tick tock, tick tock…

If you search well enough or maybe just through this page, you already know what to do!


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