I hope this ends up interesting and enlightening for someone. If you are a Nigerian reading this, chances are you are not unfamiliar with the word ‘oversabi’, you probably have an idea what this article is going to be addressing. I hope for reading sake that you are wrong just so you can get to the end.

There is no one definite description of a person tagged oversabi, so I will try my best to do justice to the word by listing a few characteristics;

  • A person who likes to be involved with everything.
  • A person who seems to have an opinion on every matter.
  • Always getting involved even when not called upon.
  • Probably the last to leave the office/library.
  • The kind of person that makes you ask “Na your papa get the company?”

You get it?

(If this doesn’t define an oversabi to you, for the sake of this article kindly manage my definition and run with it…thanks)

Naturally, people tend to dislike this kind of people and do not like to hangout with them. We consider them not cool, trying too hard to get noticed, or look at them as too serious.


But…there are advantages!

Ultimately they get noticed, and while the rest of you think being “not like them” is good enough, those in authority think otherwise.

  • Who do you recommend to a friend that is looking for a new hire? The lazy laid back friend you know or that oversabi?
  • Who do you trust to get the job done? Laid back or oversabi?
  • Who do you think gets the promotion?

In my 1 kobo opinion, an oversabi is a hard worker, who wants to be busy and productive, someone who is curious and wants to know more. These are characteristics of someone who does not want to survive but wants to thrive! for those of us that are laid back like me, we probably have a better social life, more friends, we are more fun but…we can be more! matter of fact, we have an advantage over the oversabi guys.

  • We can network better
  • We can engage people easier

Know this; you can be fun and equally brilliant, you don’t have to choose one side and say “book is not for me”…liar! book is for you, your lazy self refused to make an effort. Combining your knowledge with your fun life makes you even more attractive. That is what we call “beauty n’ brains” in a woman’s context.


My talent is such that no undertaking, however vast in size has ever surpassed my courage – Peter Paul Rubens


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