When You Have Nothing to do

WhatsApp conversation between a girl and a guy…

Girl: heyy, wassup.

Guy: I am fine, been a while. How are you?

Girl: I am ok, I am just bored, nothing to do. Thot to chat you up so you could keep me occupied *big smile*

Guy: Too bad, I am not idle at the moment. Maybe I will chat you up if I ever have nothing to do. Talk later, byeee.

It is always funny to me when young adults complain of being idle or having nothing to do. I wonder how you have so much spare time on your hands. You do not need to be a workaholic to figure out that 24 hrs is really not enough time in a day.

Anyways instead of going with the norm and condemning, I will offer multiple solutions to your idleness that hopefully will be interesting to you. (If none interests you, then you need to re-evaluate your interests *straight face*)

  1. Mind map your life plans for the next 6 months – If you don’t know how to mind map, then shift this point to number 2 and make “how to mind map”  number 1.
  2. Learn a new language (foreign or local) – I assure you this is hard/interesting enough to keep your mind occupied. This is a very useful tool in today’s world. To aid your choice of language, do some research on most spoken languages, official languages, etc. If you don’t know where to go learn, better! that’s an additional task to your bored self.
  3. Go get a job! Now this is unique to those currently unemployed and students on long holidays – You do not have any business sitting at home. In the words of …unknown: “Nothing can never be better than Something”.
    So be it volunteering or not, get a job. To understand the value of volunteering,click here, it is an entire topic on its own.
  4. Set up a blog/website – From personal experience, setting up a blog or website is very exciting and these days, you do not need to be a computer guru to open one, with the help of wordpress.com, wix.com, etc you can now open your own website easily and fast. Creating content, choosing a suitable color, theme, et al would consume all of your “useless” time.

Perhaps these are not motivations enough, myself and a team of purpose driven individuals are working on the OptionC Project; we believe that there is a direct relationship between education and economic development, that is why we are on a mission to disrupt the education system and create one with a higher standard that can impact our nation long term. We would not mind having extra hands and heads!

 “The one thing I have learned is that you can’t think your way through life. The only way to figure out what to do is to do something.”


3 thoughts on “When You Have Nothing to do

  1. great thinking. you are sure impacting on the Nigerian mind/graduates that keep thinking that government is not doing enough to engage them. God bless you real good.

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  2. Good thought, additional things that people could do with their idle time is learn a skill and i mean like tailoring, hair making, bag making, catering, event planning, project management anything – all these things will always come in handy, because its either you earn money from them or you use it for yourself. either way its a win win.
    I personally wish i had learnt a skill while i was still idle rather that sulking and lavishing in self pity about my inability to get a job, cos now i have a job and all i can think of is creating time to learn a skill – how ironic.

    Good job you are doing here by the way.

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