To achieve more, you need to do more.

To do more, you need more time. Nah, scratch that!

To do more, you don’t need more time, actually you can’t even get more time from anywhere, I mean how do you intend to make your day longer than 24 hours?

The proposed best way to get things done fast is to multitask, unfortunately myself and Forbes agree that multitasking is not very productive (but this is talk for another day, let’s stay focused). So what do we do?

What I recommend is slightly similar and I will be sighting examples to put picture to the words.

I wake up 6:15am, lay idle in bed for another 5 minutes before I fully get up. Morning prayers, cleaning and shower takes the next 45 minutes. It is now 7 am and I am yet to make breakfast (I have to be out of my house by 7:30am if I am to get to work on time). Oops! I need to go do the number 2, lace & polish my shoes… What do I do?

Within this same 24 hours, some people find time to:

  1. Get to work early.
  2. Have breakfast.
  3. Read for professional exams.
  4. Read religious books.
  5. Consume work related content.
  6. Write and publish their own content.
  7. Keep in touch with their loved ones.
  8. Stay abreast of latest movies, music, trends, etc.
  9. Attend owambe (if you don’t know what this means, ask any Nigerian)
  10. Sleep enough!

People who do this are not fictional characters or miracle workers. They are the ones that have successfully tamed time. They are people like you. 

Learning to Merge Important things with other “Important things”.

  1. Polishing your shoes & using the toilet.
  2. Listening to an audio book on your way to work.
  3. Make breakfast (tea, coffee, sandwich, rice, etc) while getting ready for work.

and many more! Be like Viru Sahastrabuddhe a.k.a Virus

I hope you were not expecting something out of the box or a revelation – they do not exist, success has no secrets. Every information is readily available…for those willing to try. Go and use this little one first, maybe I will dish out secrets next time!

Happy New Month & Happy Workers Day!

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