Education Should Be FREE… & FUN!

Letter to every developing country,

Any country that is serious about national development must first invest (deliberately) in its education system. Why? Human output is a reflection of its consumption overtime. In other words; Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Why Should Education Be Free?

Before I address the above, I am asking why is education not already free.

  1. The government does not see education as a form of investment. (at least the majority of them do not)
  2. Politics is an obstacle to almost everything positive.
  3. Corruption, the godfather of the developing world as always render plans futile.

Why should education be free;

  1. The government owe its citizens that responsibility.
  2. It’s a way to reduce illiteracy level.
  3. It’s a way to encourage learning especially for those who want to but can’t afford it.

It’s not Fun? It’s not School

If you have ever seen the series titled “Billions”, you will be familiar with this conversation.

Children: Hello Dad! (hugs)

Dad: How was school today?

Children: (Chorus answer) Boring.

Dad: Great!

Great? Really!

The first time I heard this, I was shocked but I only reflected on it a week later and I got it! School = Boring

Parents see school as some ritual for their kids, kids see school as some compulsory but insignificant hell hole they must go through in life. This sort of mindset already builds a wall against absorption of knowledge before the students approach its gates.

In the end most people simply pass through school while others bold/rebellious enough drop out (only 0.02% grow up to be Steve Jobs). Without knowledge, you cannot achieve meaningful strides. Knowledge comes by learning, learning through education.

A university graduate once said on Facebook; ” Government should simply print more money to curb the ongoing recession “. I am yet to recover from that shock.

Education will be fun if…

  1. We make it about learning and less about competing.
  2. We have more practical classes than theory.
  3. We infuse the use of technological advancements to our teaching tools.
  4. We encourage effort and not just celebrate success (especially at primary and secondary level)

To do something same way and expect a different result they say is a definition of insanity


2 thoughts on “Education Should Be FREE… & FUN!

  1. Reading this article made me reflect back on those subjects I performed woofly in, while I was in secondary school. Some subjects were tagged boring and before the teachers commence teaching, comprehending them has already been short down because of the lack of interest towards them.
    As it has been well spelt out, education should be free and more interesting. Until this is done, our country will still lingers in illiteracy and undevelopment.
    Great write up bro.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this article, mostly because this is true. I remember growing up and going to school wasn’t much fun. I truly believe that if schooling can be interactive, practical and engaging and be less about the most brilliant and who took 1st position, our education system would be much better. If we had public schools with this kind of system and one doesn’t need to pay – even better!

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