What Drives You?

What drives you?

What makes you tick?

What motivates you?

What brings out the best ideas in you?

What brings out the most ideas in you?

What has an emotional attachment to your being?

Emotional attachment – passion, drive, enthusiasm, happiness, unrest.

When you find this one thing, channel your all towards it.

Laser focus till you pierce through,

Be blind to the distractions – beautiful or not.

The last sentence is the most difficult to attain,but there is really no formula to easily overcoming them.

Let the light at the end of the tunnel draw you closer.

Or the darkness you are running from drive you further.

Achieve your goal or die trying.

A life of failed attempts is more fulfilling than a life of “what ifs”.


What drives me? The quest for quality education available to all in Nigeria.

Find yours, find purpose.

What drives you?



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