For The Generation Z

A while back, I visited the secondary school where I served during my NYSC at Ogun state. The students were excited to see me; we had only been keeping in touch via Facebook. In the middle of our conversation, one of them referred to another student as “Prof”. The classmate in question did not like the nickname because it meant she was too serious with books and less social or fun (I imagine). Interestingly, one of the students present then referred to her own self as “Prof” too!

I was happy! Why? someone was willing to embrace that title, this lady saw the name as something cool, surely there is hope for the future – for Generation Z/iGeneration/Centennials (whichever one you call them).

Therefore, when one mentioned to me the idea of becoming an astronaut but getting parental resistance – while I was sad, somewhere within I saw a generation that is ready to compete, compete globally and that is the biggest hope I have today, a hope that we can compete favorably, globally.

To this generation I pledge to support, until they achieve their dream, put Nigeria on the global map as we ignore reality and chase dreams.

So I will leave you with one image consisting three quotes because sometimes…

Less Is More




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