School & Work in 2030

One thing is certain; no one can accurately predict the specifics of the future. Regardless of the multiple theories we conjure and create, the analysis and mathematical projections, we would still be wrong or not, the only thing that we can say is that 13 years from now the world would not be how it is right now. Change is inevitable.

20 years ago, people closed from work by 4pm or 5pm, now you work overtime weekends included. Regardless of your location, technology has made it possible to reach anyone anytime, work from anywhere so work is now life, and life is work! Do not kid yourself; the story will be different in the near future; positively or negatively? That remains to be seen.

Economic theory often refers to periods of disruption caused by technological innovation described as ‘Creative destruction’

The employment age range has dropped to 21; by 2030, who knows. 15 years ago, parents did not see the need for their kids to finish school on time, saying no to ‘double promotion’ and others. The reception is different now

Soon no one would care what course you studied in the university as a criteria for employment (already happening), it will simply be a situation of ‘do you fit’ employment. You getting a job will be determined by what you can do and what you can do only!

The education curriculum will be redesigned to fit the new world and then the oldies who schooled in the old curriculum will fall into space, unless they accepted the future and armed themselves with essential skills.

Technological growth, and the accompanying changes in business models, make the continuous adaptation of skill sets fundamental for successful participation in the labor market.

Now you know, what will you do differently?


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