Obaro’s MS Model

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how to make more money. This is not new to anyone, we all want more money.

I stumbled on a Forbes report that says wealthy people have a savings habit (amongst other things). I have tried (and failed sometimes) to build this habit.  30% savings is really difficult (but possible).

But as I do my regular expense review I always notice there is so much funds uncounted for – money I can’t say where it went, most of us can relate to these miscellaneous expenses.

So I thought, how about creating miscellaneous savings! But make it a deliberate action. Hence the invention of the Obaro’s MS Model i.e Obaro’s Multi-Savings Model.

This is simply creating an additional savings stream fueled by an addiction or habit.

Practical Example; I play Candy Crush on my phone almost everyday (don’t judge me! And yeah I know it’s 2017 but that’s the only mobile game I have and I need it to relax sometimes). After I noticed it had become a habit, I decided to tie something positive to the habit. So for everyday I play Candy Crush, I put into a piggy bank a fixed amount of money – something so small I won’t realize it’s gone.

This screen shot from Candy Crush implies I’ve played the game for 14 straight days. With the OMS model, I have saved X amount × 14 days from miscellaneous.

This is exciting for me because at the end of the year, if I saved 200 naira everyday, I would have 73,000 naira of miscellaneous savings (this is excluding normal monthly savings and other forms of revenue), I think this should be exciting for you too!

Remember, everything we do needs discipline to be accomplished especially when money is a topic.
So find your addiction/habit, tie your OMS to it… Make money!


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