3 Life Hacks

Make money, with it comes respect and influence,

People take your opinions more seriously that way

Your absence is noticed, your presence is cherished,

With money comes relevance and many other good things


Knowledge is as important as wealth itself, fill yourself with it,

Without knowledge, you are an empty vessel only good enough for noise generation,

The finances of the world is built on the backs of the hard workers by the intelligent people

Money commands audience, knowledge commands silence.


Grow influence, power and network,

People resource is equal to financial capital,

Do not turn down the opportunity to meet new people when it presents itself,

Although, be careful to not be overly available lest you lose value,

Be impactful with every meet, let every handshake or smile leave a memory,

Let that memory serve as an investment on your behalf.



sharing-caringThank you!

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