3 Life Hacks

Make money, with it comes respect and influence,

People take your opinions more seriously that way

Your absence is noticed, your presence is cherished,

With money comes relevance and many other good things

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Obaro’s MS Model

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how to make more money. This is not new to anyone, we all want more money.

I stumbled on a Forbes report that says wealthy people have a savings habit (amongst other things). I have tried (and failed sometimes) to build this habit.  30% savings is really difficult (but possible).

But as I do my regular expense review I always notice there is so much funds uncounted for – money I can’t say where it went, most of us can relate to these miscellaneous expenses.

So I thought, how about creating miscellaneous savings! But make it a deliberate action. Hence the invention of the Obaro’s MS Model i.e Obaro’s Multi-Savings Model.

This is simply creating an additional savings stream fueled by an addiction or habit.

Practical Example; I play Candy Crush on my phone almost everyday (don’t judge me! And yeah I know it’s 2017 but that’s the only mobile game I have and I need it to relax sometimes). After I noticed it had become a habit, I decided to tie something positive to the habit. So for everyday I play Candy Crush, I put into a piggy bank a fixed amount of money – something so small I won’t realize it’s gone.

This screen shot from Candy Crush implies I’ve played the game for 14 straight days. With the OMS model, I have saved X amount × 14 days from miscellaneous.

This is exciting for me because at the end of the year, if I saved 200 naira everyday, I would have 73,000 naira of miscellaneous savings (this is excluding normal monthly savings and other forms of revenue), I think this should be exciting for you too!

Remember, everything we do needs discipline to be accomplished especially when money is a topic.
So find your addiction/habit, tie your OMS to it… Make money!

Why Secondary Schools Need Career Teachers

I recently caught up with one of my secondary school teachers at an event. In between our conversation she said “the school hasn’t changed since you left”. I was shocked! Hasn’t changed?! Then I assumed she meant the standard hasn’t changed till we got deeper into the talk.

It’s sad that more than 10 years later a secondary school remains the same – by any yardstick whatsoever. What ever happened to improvement, development, innovation, etc and all those big words we throw around as intelligent people? Continue reading “Why Secondary Schools Need Career Teachers”

Time Management

It’s really ironic that with the advancement of technology at our disposal, the loads of information available to us with a click of a button, the scheduling applications and lectures we have listened to over the years, TIME IS STILL NOT ENOUGH.

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School & Work in 2030

One thing is certain; no one can accurately predict the specifics of the future. Regardless of the multiple theories we conjure and create, the analysis and mathematical projections, we would still be wrong or not, the only thing that we can say is that 13 years from now the world would not be how it is right now. Change is inevitable. Continue reading “School & Work in 2030”

For The Generation Z

A while back, I visited the secondary school where I served during my NYSC at Ogun state. The students were excited to see me; we had only been keeping in touch via Facebook. In the middle of our conversation, one of them referred to another student as “Prof”. The classmate in question did not like the nickname because it meant she was too serious with books and less social or fun (I imagine). Interestingly, one of the students present then referred to her own self as “Prof” too!

I was happy! Why? someone was willing to embrace that title, this lady saw the name as something cool, surely there is hope for the future – for Generation Z/iGeneration/Centennials (whichever one you call them).

Therefore, when one mentioned to me the idea of becoming an astronaut but getting parental resistance – while I was sad, somewhere within I saw a generation that is ready to compete, compete globally and that is the biggest hope I have today, a hope that we can compete favorably, globally.

To this generation I pledge to support, until they achieve their dream, put Nigeria on the global map as we ignore reality and chase dreams.

So I will leave you with one image consisting three quotes because sometimes…

Less Is More



Diversity in Teaching Techniques

There’s no “one formula fits us all” for education – I dare to say no one universal formula exists for any problem on earth.

One duty of a teacher is to impact knowledge to all their students, (keyword: ALL) so when a teacher makes a comment like “if half of the class passes then I’m justified“, it is a sign  negligence of duty on the teacher’s part. Every student can understand anything – depends on how you explain it. Continue reading “Diversity in Teaching Techniques”