To achieve more, you need to do more.

To do more, you need more time. Nah, scratch that!

To do more, you don’t need more time, actually you can’t even get more time from anywhere, I mean how do you intend to make your day longer than 24 hours?

The proposed best way to get things done fast is to multitask, unfortunately myself and Forbes agree that multitasking is not very productive Continue reading “TAMING TIMING”


Success Has No Secrets

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” – Steve Jobs

98% of world population want to be successful, less than half have made attempts to “know” something about their want, but less than 20% have made a deliberate effort to “do” something about it. For this article we would be addressing largely those who are trying to “know” something and those who have decided to “do”. This leaves us with two categories of people; the Knowers and Doers.

The knowers are largely those people with plenty of theoritical knowledge on secrets to success, these guys know so much that they could make be successful by just teaching the world how to be successful! Unfortunately all they have is knowledge with experience at zilch. If you are a knower interested in becoming successful (at what you know, lol), I have a little extra knowledge for you. Contrary to popular opinion, there are no secrets to success…say again, there are NO SECRETS to success.

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How To NOT Get Poor

Advice on money I get from two sources only; the Bible and the wealthy. Why bible? Because people like Solomon and Jesus exist. Why the wealthy? Sincerely, who is likely to give you a correct answer on how to separate a Siamese twin? An Engineer or a Doctor?

An excerpt from one of my all-time favorite books – written in simple words, straightforward and direct.

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Crowd Mentality

I am walking out of the famous Balogun market in the beautiful city of Lagos on a sunny Saturday afternoon after finally purchasing my dream Patek Philippe  wrist watch, suddenly I hear a noise and multiple footsteps rapidly approaching, I look up and see everyone ahead running at me! What did I do? story for another day, let’s concentrate on what I did next, what do you think? You guessed right…of course I put on my running shoes! No questions asked, not much situation processing but my brain tells me that is the right thing to do.

I was wrong. Continue reading “Crowd Mentality”

Do It Afraid


It was the 14th of October 2006, a football match between newcomers in the English Premier League Reading versus reigning champions Chelsea, barely 30 seconds into that game, Petr Cech (goal keeper of Chelsea) crashes into the speeding foot of Reading’s midfielder Stephen Hunt. What looked like a minor clash soon needed the club’s doctors, ambulance and head surgery for a fractured skull, he was out of football for 3 months!

Hunt’s leg dented Cech’s skull and pushed pieces of bone towards the brain. It was these pieces that threatened his life. One wrong move, and the fragments were in danger of lacerating or bruising the brain and damaging blood vessels. There were even reports from medical sources that Cech’s injury was consistent with that of a car crash. Continue reading “Do It Afraid”



A short story about the NAVY SEAL…

”This branding process is true for the NAVY SEALs (which stands for Sea, Air and Land), one of the most elite and prestigious fighting units in the world. The 2,500 SEALs are considered some of the world’s finest fighters. SEALs go through an extremely arduous two-year training program before becoming a SEAL. The process weeds out 75 to 90 % of those accepted into the program. In one of their tests of will, a challenge known as ‘’drown proofing’’, trainees are bound hand and foot, thrown into deep water, and told to get to the surface somehow while holding their breath. Then they swim 50 metres while tied up.

The worst challenge is ‘Hell Week’, Continue reading “BRANDING PROCESS”

Thinking Small, Getting Smaller


For my first ever post, I decided to share a beautiful story from a book I read in September, 2016. This story I also shared on “The Business Leader” social media platforms.


I have a friend who is a very successful real estate agent. When the real estate market crashed in 2007, so did her business. Rather than change her thinking, she chose to close her office, let most of her staff go, and work from home. She downsized, just like the economy.

At a recent party, she came up to me and asked, ‘’Have you lost your Continue reading “Thinking Small, Getting Smaller”