I hope this ends up interesting and enlightening for someone. If you are a Nigerian reading this, chances are you are not unfamiliar with the word ‘oversabi’, you probably have an idea what this article is going to be addressing. I hope for reading sake that you are wrong just so you can get to the end.

There is no one definite description of a person tagged oversabi, so I will try my best to do justice to the word by listing a few characteristics;

  • A person who likes to be involved with everything.
  • A person who seems to have an opinion on every matter.
  • Always getting involved even when not called upon.
  • Probably the last to leave the office/library.
  • The kind of person that makes you ask “Na your papa get the company?” Continue reading “Oversabi”

The Entertainer: Topman Jefferson

I caught up with this young energetic Nigerian entertainer last week, we spoke on a variety of issues all of which I cannot share. However, I want to indulge you to read to the end and more importantly, download his new gospel song titled “No Rival“.

Read the short interview below:

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