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The Paradigm shift…

So graciously I had the opportunity to speak to a set of youths- more than a half a thousand youths -students of a school in South West Nigeria; it was indeed a privilege to meet with such vibrant and interesting audience; thanks to OptionC group where I co-partner; thanks to Obaro Dave!

So I thought to share a copy of what we discussed with you; the major aim is to raise a take over youth- Change sure starts with You and I- we can do this!





Objective: Reshaping Perspective and raising a take- over youth!

Background: This dispensation and generation has been overtaken by a growing youth who are clueless, confused, distracted or attempting to be focused; some are overtaken by peer pressure, joined the bandwagon or are caught up in the vicious cycle of doing or studying the ‘norms’

Many youths today are forcefully focused, most times because they don’t have a drive as to where they are headed, thus they settle for anything- less; like the saying goes; ‘stand for nothing; fall for everything’; a category of youths are easily waylaid to focus on parental choices career wise (parental influence), limited career/course option in Nigerian schools, teachers unsolicited advice, etc.

The above reasons, over 90% of the time, have led to youths studying amiss; hence leading to a high rate of unsatisfied youths, less focused youths and sometimes drop outs. Our educational sector is not left out to blame; as we indeed need to revamp the sector in other to compete globally as Nigerian Youths.

All of these and more need to be revisited to compete globally.

Who is a Take- over Youth?

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Success Has No Secrets

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” – Steve Jobs

98% of world population want to be successful, less than half have made attempts to “know” something about their want, but less than 20% have made a deliberate effort to “do” something about it. For this article we would be addressing largely those who are trying to “know” something and those who have decided to “do”. This leaves us with two categories of people; the Knowers and Doers.

The knowers are largely those people with plenty of theoritical knowledge on secrets to success, these guys know so much that they could make be successful by just teaching the world how to be successful! Unfortunately all they have is knowledge with experience at zilch. If you are a knower interested in becoming successful (at what you know, lol), I have a little extra knowledge for you. Contrary to popular opinion, there are no secrets to success…say again, there are NO SECRETS to success.

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9 things I was too stupid to learn at school

Let’s face it, school years are not the best years of your life, and most of us found our rhythm well after school. So the best thing that school can instill in you – other than basic academic and social skills – is curiosity. It doesn’t matter how good you are at something, if you’re curious enough you will find a way to become great at it. But without curiosity, you’re just a number in a

Source: 9 things I was too stupid to learn at school

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The Federal Government Hates Us!

“No country can really be developed unless its citizens are educated” – Nelson Mandela.

This article was written with pure pain and disgust,while there are a number of reasons for this mood, the 2017 budget tops the list!

I do not intend to analyze the whole budget due to lack of expertise on my part, but the education sector allocation struck a chord! In other words, I could not ignore it. I went into hours of research comparing statistics from developed and developing nations. My conclusion is…The Government Hates Us!

We would prioritize investment in human capital development especially in education and health – Presidency.

Yet somehow the capital expenditure on education is one of the lowest, I’m confused. For a nation where none of its universities is among the top 800 (I stand to be corrected) in the world, it is laughable that we still neglect that sector.

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Academia, Love Me Back

My name is Tiffany Martínez. As a McNair Fellow and student scholar, I’ve presented at national conferences in San Francisco, San Diego, and Miami. I have crafted a critical reflection piece that w…

Source: Academia, Love Me Back

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How My Teachers Saved Me!

Recently I shared an interesting view on lessons from a 2009 movie 3 Idiots (read here). In continuance, I want to talk about the roles and importance of teachers. These roles I consider a part of their job most are ignorant about or blatantly neglecting.

A popular saying goes “there are many ways to catch a rat”, which implies there is no one universal formula to success – in this case, no universal formula to the success of a student. While some may excel with little supervision, others need strong supervision and accountable authority to perform well. I happen to fall into the latter category.

I will be sharing a personal story with the aim to highlight these roles and importance.

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For The Love of Music: Topman Jefferson

I caught up with this young energetic Nigerian entertainer last week, we spoke on a variety of issues all of which I cannot share. However, I want to indulge you to read to the end and more importantly, download his new gospel song titled “No Rival“.

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